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Why Guidance Counselling?

Guidance Counsellors offer guidance and advice to assist clients in making informed choices..

Benefits of Guidance Counselling

A Guidance Counsellor has both the professional skills and interventionist tools that allow them to..

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What to expect from a Guidance Counselling session

What you get from a session with a Guidance Counsellor will depend on what your individual needs are.

Therefore it is recommended that you find the right Guidance Counsellor for you in terms of your own needs and one that you feel comfortable working with.

With over 18,000 different careers to choose from, most Guidance Counsellors will use various assessments to ascertain your strengths or interests in order to assist you in making satisfactory career and college choices. After all we spend at least 50% of our waking life working – therefore finding a job that is a match for you will ensure that at least 50% of your life will be enjoyable.

It is such an important decision that most Guidance Counsellors will combine both a personal counselling approach along with evaluative tools.


Tests available to you from a trained Guidance Counsellor:
Psychometric Testing analyses a person’s interests, motivations, personality and aptitude. This creates an in-depth profile of the individual and helps choose the careers that the client will be most likely be suited to and enjoy.


Occupational Interest Inventory
In the Occupational Interests Inventory the individual is asked to indicate on the answer sheet or the computer the degree of interest he or she would have in each activity if it formed an element in a career. The purpose of the exercise is to establish personal interests or preferences regardless of academic ability etc.


Aptitude Testing
Aptitude Tests aim to establish what are the innate aptitudes of the individual – what they are naturally good at. These tests cover the most common aptitudes associated with job performance: Verbal Ability; Numerical Reasoning; Abstract Reasoning; Mechanical Reasoning; Space Relations and Perceptual Speed and Accuracy etc.


Guidance Counsellors rely on a number of diverse tests (interest, aptitude, personality) but they all share a common goal: to help build a picture of the client’s ‘true self’ in terms of interests, personality and aptitudes. After all it is only when we know ourselves that we can fully realise our real potential and possibilities.